Rules for pokies

All pokies have different instructions and rules. You can usually find the pokies’ instructions as a link in the game or on casino pokie help pages. To see instructions for some common pokies you can use the links in the games on

How can you see what brings profit?

To know what brings profit from an online pokie then check on the paytable available for each game. There is often a link to this on the game page. The paytable is often called the pay table on the gaming sites. Different combinations of symbols and lines give different benefits and bonus games so it might be good to check this before you start playing. Also shown is the case for getting a potential jackpot.

Theoretical Payout

The theoretical payout to players is very high at online casinos. Compared with  Vegas machines, online casinos Payout several dozen percent higher. It’s hard as a player to know the exact percentage for it is often not listed on the games. But if you play a lot of pokies, then you will quickly know which machines have high payout because you can play a lot longer for your efforts on these. This means that the chance for bigger prizes and the jackpots will be much higher.

Pokies at online casinos

Pokies can be addictive when you gladly continue, especially on the progressive jackpot machines called pokies where you have the chance to collect large profits. The pokie versions that can be found at online casinos are often really smart with animations in 3D graphics and great sound. If you have not tried to play on the machines then we recommend you to try this right away. If you’ve only played in Vegas or at land casinos then we recommend you really try out the software pokies that are currently on the online casinos. On you will find, for example, news about games that have just been released but also have the opportunity to play the games for free.

All casinos list top offers betting on pokies. If you want to play the pokies and are looking for great bonus offers then you can visit any of the casinos that we recommend and get an exclusive casino bonus. If you want to try to play pokies for free, then try out any of the great games on our site.

Pokies are by far the most played games in casinos. A majority of revenue comes just from the pokies and casinos, the figure is at least as high. As a result of this you can see pokies strategically placed when you enter a casino. And when you visit an online casino, you cannot miss all the advertising for a special new pokie or several of them. Most online casinos also drive offers such as free spins on a particular pokie or tempting progressive jackpots.

But what makes pokies so popular? It is probably the fact that they are so easy to play and anyone can understand them. Some have small stakes and bigger. And anyone can play them.

The pokies in the history

The first pokies was invented by American Charles August 1895. His business was to place the machines around San Francisco. His pokies evolved to become The Liberty Bell. The name comes from his pokies having had three spinning reels with various symbols such as hearts, spades, diamonds, and the auspicious horseshoe, not to mention the liberty bell. Each reel had ten different positions, each with its own symbol. The chance of winning was thus one in a thousand.

The machines pulled in a lot of money but it was not until 1907 that the machine was launched with great cooperation with the firm Mills Novelty Company in the backing. Winnings were paid out in drinks and cigarettes, but in 1887 Charles Fey introduced a pokie that could pay out winnings directly with coins. Before this was a common problem that the players did not know they could not win money. Because of this, the machines had become known as one-armed bandits.

Inexpensive and simple games

The minimum bet levels on pokies are generally inexpensive and the software itself produces very simple games. All casinos offer games for small coins and because of this, players often do not understand the somewhat complicated system to maximize their game. People start to play at their first pokies and they will even play on the belief that all offer the same chances of winning. But they are wrong.

To maximize your chances it is a must to look at the table for payout. Pokies give you an opportunity to gain the greatest benefits that the casino offers, but to increase your chances you have to play the right pokies, with the right actions, and with the right strategy.

If you want to access the big profits, you should play games with progressive jackpots. But if you want to play lower and for a long time then you can keep your eyes open for regular games with a bonus or more bonus games that do not require great effort to get the highest profit. So there’s a lot you can influence, even if the pokies are basically based on chance.

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