Pokies are a type of gaming machine in land casinos or are also available to play at Australian online casinos. Pokies are by far the most popular form of gambling in casinos around the world and at casinos online. The reason for its popularity is that it’s insanely easy to play on a Pokie and everyone understands the rules for pokies.

There are almost as many different pokies to choose from and there are always new games and themes. This is primarily true at online casinos that casino software companies develop and release new games and this is also where you will find the coolest and funniest of the pokies. The game is all about the different wheels (reels) landing in the right order so that you get as many tokens as possible of the same type in a row, horizontally or vertically. Different symbol then provide various big profits or bonus games.

Variants of pokies

Today there are several different variations of pokies. They come in three-and five reel versions, where the five reel often are progressive jackpot machines which can give really high profits. On the spin games that offer direct payment, the payout is the same every time. The jackpot machines, however, increase profits every time someone plays it without winning, so here you can get a sky-high sum on a jackpot win. In many online casinos these versions are available also in free versions, so that you can play without losing money. The games you find on the Internet are exactly the same nature as the land casinos, but the sounds and the pictures are often even better.

Rules for Pokies

The rules are very simple, or almost non-existent. They are – play your money and let the pokies do their thing. The reels spin and stick randomly in some figures. If you get more of the same figure then you win more based on the payout structure and if you don’t line any up then you just spin again.

It should launch the pokies reels differently many times depending on the machine in each round, and you can always block certain counters and thus obtain a higher number of matching symbols and raise profits (this is true on some, but not all pokies). On the machine, or on the side of the game, it says clearly what symbols you need to get up and how many of them it must be for the machine to distribute profits and at online casinos, you can often just click the payout button to see how it works.

Jackpot on Pokies

Many machines have a Progressive Jackpot that grows the more played and who therefore can be really great. Today there are about a dozen bandits who have million jackpot and the number just keeps increasing year after year. Jackpot amount is displayed often throughout the game and if it is progressive so you see that it grows as you play. In order to know what applies to win the jackpot or what will be paid, just read the paytable that describes the symbol combinations for winning a Jackpot. Keep in mind that to get the maximum profit on these you have to play the maximum bet on the machine.


Pokies, which are sometimes referred to as slots and casino pokies have a game objective to get three or more symbols in a row on the rotating wheel. Pokies have been around since the 1800s and are now a very popular feature at the online casinos as well as the usual casino. What attracts players to these is often the chance to win huge prizes. When you hear about someone who won a big jackpot at a casino, it’s almost always on a pokie.

Pokies Then and now

The first pokie was created in the mid 1800s and it was a kind of “poker machine”. From there, it has since grown and grown. Pokies became a popular feature in restaurants, pubs and casinos. Today it has exploded online and it launched new pokies on an assembly line of software development. The advantage that game manufacturers have come up with is that it is possible to do much more fun pokies online at a significantly lower cost. Another advantage for us players online is that pokies are powered by software from a 3rd party. The software is always checked at reputable online casinos while a physical pokie game can be easily manipulated to almost never pay out a profit.

Why are pokies so popular?

The major reasons for playing on a pokie is that it is simple to play and to has the chance to win big. Many online pokies have progressive jackpots (growing). This means that every time someone plays the pokies, money lost will go to part of the stake of the jackpot.

As you may see the jackpot grow to enormous proportions in this way, it is important to remember that to win a progressive jackpot it is necessary to play the maximum bet which just so happens to make the pot grow even faster. A pokie that has a growing jackpot is ThunderStruck, where it has seen many big winners over the years. It is not unusual for an online casino that pays out winnings of 20-30 million.

Where to play pokies?

There are numerous online casino that offers games on pokies but the best is to play on well-known reputable casino. For Aussies, there is a casino that stands out a little extra and that is Jackpot City.  In fact, most of the great Microgaming games that we feature on pokies.ms can be found at Jackpot City.


Playing pokies is, as I said, not at all difficult, but some things may be worth thinking about. The first thing you should do when you are playing on a new machine is to try it for free. Pokies.ms offers free games for all the pokies on the site and it is the best way to get to know a new pokie. There’s always a button called “paytable” and press it so you can see what different combinations produce profit.

If the pokies have a progressive jackpot then you can see how much it is up before playing. Sometimes it may be worth switching to a different machine if the jackpot is much higher. Remember, it is probably better to play on a machine with 20 million in jackpots than one with 10,000.

A Online Slot Machine Gaming Guide


Online slot machines: The Basics

Entering any real world casino, one of the first impressions a player will experience is the overwhelming presence of slot machines. Slot machines are not only their first taste of the casino experience; they are the dominant flavour in the casino gaming palate. Everywhere they look, players will see a plethora of slot machines in a variety of incarnations from reel machines to video machines, and progressive to community.

Reel spinner slots are the old school version sporting three or sometimes five reels with anywhere from ten to thirty symbols per reel. These are the most common, and by far the most popular machines in real world casinos.

Due to this overwhelming level of popularity, it is not surprising that online gambling would turn to this model of reel spinner slots as the blueprint for its virtual twin. In the place of a mechanical spinner, the virtual version utilizes a random number generator that assigns numbers to each of the traditional slot symbols.

The result is an online gambling experience that is soothingly similar to its real world counterpart.

Pay Table Elements:

* Standard Payouts
* Multipliers
* Scatter symbols
* Wild Symbols
* Pay Lines

Standard Payouts

Regular payouts are straightforward. Put simply, the pay table lists the standard pay out for a specific number of matching symbols along a single pay line. The more uncommon the symbol, the bigger the pay-out will be.


Multipliers are named multipliers because that is exactly what they do. They multiply the pay out of a single winning combination. For example: five $.05 coins bet and won with a multiplier of 5X showing in the line produce a win of $1.25

Scatter Symbols

Five reel spinner slots expose the slot player to an anomaly known as a scatter symbol. Unlike multipliers, scatter symbols affect the entire bet. Where a multiplier would multiply the amount bet on a single pay line, scatter symbols multiply the value of the entire bet.

Wild Symbols

These symbols are the equivalent of the joker in a poker hand. They can become whatever symbol is necessary to produce a winning match. Two gold bars become three with the help of one wild symbol; or they could become five gold bars with the help of three wild cards!

Pay Lines

All this activity occurs amidst a framework of intersecting pay lines. Pay lines are a simple enough concept to grasp. These lines intersect throughout the grid of symbols. The pay lines selected by the player are called active pay lines. Pay lines not selected by the player are called inactive pay lines. Pay lines determine whether the groupings of symbols that result from the spin are paying combinations or not. If the groupings align along an active, pay line, a payout results. Groupings along an inactive pay line pay nothing.

Slot Machine Betting

Checking the pay tables for a specific slot machine type is critical before the player begins gambling. It would also be in the the player’s best interest to avail themselves of any opportunity to practice on free slots. Many online casino sites offer free slots to allow you to gain a familiarity with the site and with the types of machines available on that particular gaming page. That way, the player will gain a better understanding of all the various payouts and know what they can do and expect from that particular site.

In multiple reel slot machines, a greater number of pay lines can be activated. These activated pay lines are the ones that potentially result in a winning pay out. With many active pay lines available, the potential for a winning payout is greatly increased, however, increased potential does not translate into increased payoffs; because to activate more pay lines the player must bet more money that could then be lost when the bet does not pay.

Bonus Features

Bonus features are often used by gambling establishments as a key selling point to attract players to their particular game. Some examples of such bonus features are the free spins, the expanding wilds, multipliers, and chain reactions, just to name a few. These features appeal to the varying tastes of players and are engineered to entice certain types of players to one site or another.

Auto Play

One of these enticing features is the Auto Play mode. In this mode players can pre-set their wagers and pre-select their active pay lines, then sit back and watch it all play out. The appeal of this mode is that many gamblers blame errors in their betting scheme on mental lapses resulting in poorly executed decisions. Auto play allows gamblers to carefully design their betting strategy, and then unleash their tactical genius on some poor, unsuspecting slot machine without fear of having the plans ruined by confusion or fatigue.

Bet Max

Finally, if a player truly wishes to maximize their chances of beating the one armed bandit at its own game it is vital that they find a slot machine site that offers the Bet Max option. Picking a slot game that they can afford to play the maximum bet every single time is the only approach that will allow them to walk away a winner. Most slot play systems are designed to restrict the higher pay out scenarios to maximum bets only. Not to avail themselves of these high-end payouts is simply put…ineffective.

To recap, the wise player designs a strategy based on a good knowledge of the rules and layout of a carefully chosen site. Then they practice the free slots until they possess a clear understanding of the game and all of its features. Finally, they plan a sensible betting strategy, and make sure to use the Max Bet option.

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