Mobile Casino larger than Social gaming

Update 07/29/2015 So it has been a few years that our site has been operating and it looks like we were right about mobile gaming.  The best casinos are now all setup for mobile, and mobile has become an important factor in the sites for which people are looking.  There are now millions of casino apps available on the appstore and in Google play and even your favourite casinos can be installed or simply just accessed via the net.  There will be more for mobile in the future and we hope to look back on our predictions and see that the industry continues to strive.

What is next for mobile casino gaming?  Definitely not watches.  As one that was not a proponent of Facebook catching on in the early days, it is important not to make assumptions.  However, in the early days of wearable technology, it is either ahead of its time or just not catching on at all.  Holographic mobile technology will most likely be an additional step in development.  Although holographic technology completely removes the idea of privacy when playing a game.  Could you imagine what would happen if 20 people on a lift started playing a holographic game?  Not a one of them would be able to see what was going on, depending on the size and scope of the projector for the device.  Mobiles have about ten more years left in them before they are changed out for something groundbreaking.  What that will be is up to the designers of the world, but it is safe to say that games and casino games will still be part of that technology.

Two new markets in the gaming industry, mobile pokies and social games on Facebook. As it stands now, companies are investing significantly more money in the mobile casino and betting than they do in social gaming on Facebook.

Social gaming is the kind of the thing that people do with friends on Facebook and other social sites. Games like Farmville have become very popular. One important thing here is that all these Facebook games have been free and it’s also the big reason that so many people play it. When Zynga who created Farmville came out on the stock market was valued at $ 10 per share. Today, when not properly managed to make money on Farmville and similar games that share is at $ 3. Now, Zynga has applied for a license to conduct gambling in Nevada. It’s a bit interesting when a company like Zynga abandons social games to spend more on mobile casino and gambling.

The development is progressing rapidly, and today you can play casino on mobile phones just as they want and there is also casinos, betting and bingo. New markets opened and also where setting up mobile casino quickly. This is how we want to play in the future and you do not have much time to sit in front of the computer.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 2013 will be the year when mobile casino really comes through and 2014 will be the year when it completely takes over. Whichever way you look at it investments in both gaming companies and game makers are hard at mobile casinos now so it seems to work for everyone and that’s what we players want.

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